WHO has declared the recent Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic, affecting 203 countries &

territories as International Public Health Emergency of International Concern. In this context,

Government of Mizoram has strengthened the surveillance and control measures against the disease.

Since February 2020, all passengers arriving at Lengpui Airport and Land Border Check Points are

being screened. In wake of COVID-19 outbreak, the general public is advised to adhere to health

advisories issued by the State Government. People at large should follow the cough etiquette and do

frequent hand-washing with soap and water. Those who have arrived from the COVID-19 affected

countries/state should remain under home isolation for 14 days from the date of arrival in the state,

even if they do not have any symptoms. They should contact the Help Line no.102 (Toll Free)/0389-

2323336/2318336 in case of any queries and for those who develop fever with cough or difficulty of

breathing during this period.


Status of State Surveillance of COVID-19(Time: 1.4.2020 12Noon – 2.4.2020 12:00 Noon)


No.         Category                                                                                              New added on                  Cumulative till

                                                                                                                                2.4.2020                               2.4.2020

1 Number of persons screened                                                                           346                                      62269

2 Number of persons in-facility quarantine                                                       0                                          200

3 Number of persons advised for home quarantine                                         0                                          2449

4 Number of samples collected for test of COVID-19                                       6                                         58

5 Number of samples tested positive                                                                  0                                         1

6 Number of positive cases Hospitalized                                                            0                                         1

7 Number of persons cured                                                                                   0                                         0

8 Number of Suspects hospitalized                                                                      7                                          16

9 Number of Suspects discharged                                                                        0                                           9

10 Number of deaths                                                                                              0                                         0




Principal Director

Health and Family Welfare Department