Family Welfare Programme

  Aims and objectives : The main objectives of Population Policy of India is to stabilize population in the country and to improve quality of life through various Family Planning methods.  It also intends to spread the small family norms to the community as a whole.  Family Planning methods are of two types viz., Permanent and Temporary Methods.  Of which, the main thrust in the State now is to address the unmet needs of stabilization which is still 17% in the State.

The physical achievements under Family Welfare programme (both Permanent and Temporary Methods) are tabulated below :




2018 – 19


Female Sterilization



Male Sterilization



IUD Insertion



Oral Pill users



Condom users




2.       Purchase of Equipments and Medicines for smooth functioning of the various  Health Centres:-

 a) Medicines                                           -                       Rs.   40.65,136

b) Hospital Instruments,                        -                       Rs.        30,000

c) Laboratory Items                               -                       Rs.   24,24,700

d) Surgical Instruments                         -                       Rs.   42,57,164

                                                                  TOTAL          Rs. 108,00,000


3.      Purchase of various items under NEDP:

 a) Medicines                                           -                       Rs. 239,13,340

b) Hospital Instruments,                        -                       Rs.   34,56,055

c) Laboratory Items                               -                       Rs.   32,70,075

d) Surgical Instruments                         -                       Rs.   51,36,705

                                                                  TOTAL          Rs. 367,76,175



4.      Purchase of various items under Article 275:

 a) Hospital Instruments,                        -                       Rs. 61,09,655

b) Laboratory Items                               -                       Rs.   6,85,750

c) Surgical Instruments                         -                       Rs.   9,76,595

                                                                  TOTAL          Rs. 77,72,000



 4. Upgradation of Sub Centre into Institutional Delivery Facility:

The main works and purpose of Health Sub-Centre is to delivery of health care services in relation to prevention, promotion and treatment of minor ailments. 

The Department aim to improve from the existing health care services provided by the Sub-Centres by making a facility of Sub-Centres into an Institutions where Delivery of baby can be performed particularly in rural areas and certain number of Sub-Centres has so far been upgraded. It is, therefore, expected that with this new facilities, reduction of Infant Mortality Rate and Maternal Mortality Ratio would be decreased to a great extent which are the main goals of both NHM and RCH.

 5. Contraceptives :

Family Welfare services aims at acceptance of small family norms through application of different contraceptives. The Government of India used to worked out State quota for various types of contraceptives like Condoms, Tubal Rings, EC Pills (Oral Pills) as per our requirements and supply to us free of cost, which are made available for public in all the Health Centres in Mizoram.