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PNDT Act in a sawi angin, mi tumah khawl hmangin nu pumchhung naute hmeichhia nge mipa tih fin fiah a khap a, hetiang lam chi reng reng sawimawi a khap bawk. Tin, Pawl emaw Company pawhin hetianga entheihna khawl Ultrasound Imaging lei leh khap tlat a ni bawk. Lei duh chuan Director, Hospital & Medical Education hnenah phalna lain fimkhur taka hman tur a ni. Dan bawh chhia chu vawi khatah kum 2 lung in tan leh Rs. 10,000/- chawi tir theih a ni. Ti nawn leh chu kum 5 leh Rs. 50,000/- thleng chawi tir theih a ni bawk.
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Mizotam State Healthcare Society & RSBY

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Civil Hospital, Aizawl

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CMO District Office


Department’s News

There are 31 Nos. of death out of 715 cases of Scrub Typhus
Mizoram chhunga mahni damdawi siam leh hralh te tana hriattur pawimawh.............
Hospital & Medical Education (NP & ealthcare of Elderly) hnuaia hna dilte interview neih dan tur
Position of TB in the state from January to June 2015
Mizoram is the second largest +HIV in India(0.68%), the first is Nagaland (0.88%) and the Manipur is the third as 0.64%.
Health department hnuaia swach Bharat 'Kayakalp' chu Tourist Lodge ah zir ho a ni, Health principal director Dr K Ropari'n a hmanpui. Kayakalp hi sorkar laipuiin damdawi-in fai zawk neih a nih theihna tura inelna a duan thar a ni.
North East Minister, Review Meeting on NH Programme, Guwahati ah neih a ni.
Sawrkar ruahhmanna a siam angin Health Department chuan damlo harsa zualte tan scheme pathum a ruahman - 1) Cancer Patient Fund hnuaiah BPL Cancer damlo tan Rs. 2.00 lacs enkawlna a dawn theih. Dilna hi Mizoram State Cancer Institute, Zemabawk-ah ngaihven theih a ni.

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  • 30th Jan: Anti-Leprosy Day
  • 4th Feb: World Cancer Day
  • 12th Feb: World Kidney Day
  • 20th Mar: World Oral Day
  • 24th Mar: World TB Day
  • 7th April: World Health Day
  • 11th April: Safe Mother Day
  • 24th April: Immunization Day
  • 25th April: World Malaria Day
  • 5th May: World Asthma Day
  • 17th May: Hypertension Day
  • 31th May: No Tobaco Day
  • 14th Jun: Blood Donation Day
  • 11th Jul: World Population Day
  • 28th Jul: World Hepatitis Day
  • 1-7th Aug: Breast Feeding Week
  • 21st Sept: World Alzheimer's Day
  • 25th Sept : World Pharmacist Day
  • 29th Sept : World Heart Day
  • 7th Oct:World Sight Day
  • 10th Oct: Mental Health Day
  • 12th Sept : World Arthritis Day
  • 15th Sept : Hand Washing Day
  • 21th Oct : IDD Day
  • 24th Oct : World Polio Day
  • 29th Oct : World Stroke Day
  • 14th Nov : World Diabetes Day
  • 1st Dec : World AIDS Day