DISEASE SURVEILLANCEIDSP monitors a limited number of conditions and risk factors based on state perceptions for which public health response is available. IDSP also responds to any new disease or outbreaks.

Diseases chosen for surveillance under IDSP:

1. Malaria     2. Typhoid     3. Japanese Encephalitis

4. Dengue    5. Measles     6. Tuberculosis (TB)

7. Cholera    8. Hepatitis    9. Leptospirosis

10. Polio      11. Anthrax   13. Plague, 14.

State Specific disease chosen for Mizoram:

1. Cancer

2. Substance Abuse

3. Acid Peptic Disease

New disease/outbreaks – emerging /re-emerging diseases


   Disease report collection – Disease report collection is one of the major function of IDSP. Report is sent from each District on weekly basis through IDSP portal.   

   Impending Outbreaks and Disease Trend are detected from analysis of these reports.

   For districts where broadband connections are not reliable, IDSP SSU provides Wireless Internet connection in the form of 3G connections. 

Achievement during 2021-22


1. Collection of weekly epidemiological report from Government and Private Hospital, CHC, PHC, SHC and Sub-Centres. These reports are uploaded weekly to Central Surveillance Unit through IDSP Portal from each district by IDSP DEOs. 


2. A new reporting system, Integrated Health Information Platform (IHIP) was launched on April 2021, and IDSP Mizoram fully migrated to the Platform from January 2022. IHIP links real-time case-based surveillance, clinical data, lab data, and public health emergency data in a single platform. Under IHIP, disagregated public health surveillance data are collected at all levels and reports are submitted in real-time. The implementation status of IHIP in Mizoram is shown below:




District Level Training

100 %

Sub-district Level Training

100 %

Village to Sub-Centre Mapping

99 %



3. Media Scanning and Verification Cell (MSVC) scans media outlets for disease reports and confirmation of these reports. The compiled report is forwarded to CSU each week.

4. IDSP publish COVID-19 Bulletin on a daily basis, with about 820 Issues being published to date.

5. State Field Laboratory Unit (SFLU) was constituted under IDSP in an effort to increase COVID-19 test in the state. The Unit consists of Mobile Teams and Kiosks which had collected/testedaround1,52,916 samples.

6. There are 13Covid Testing Kiosks operated and maintained by SFLU. 

7. Mass Testing of samples was initiated by SFLU, IDSP on 20th July 2021. Mass Testing had been conducted in 75 localities/villages by SFLU. A total of 96371 samples had been tested in the effort.

8. IDSP collects and maintains various data on COVID-19 which is trusted as the primary source of data on COVID-19 by the state.

9. Various reports and data on COVID-19 are entered daily through ‘COVID-19 India Portal’, an online Web Portal created by MoHFW.

10. IDSP co-ordinate with Central Ministries and other states regarding issues on COVID-19.

11. Technical Training on COVID-19 (Sample collection, Testing, Data Reporting etc.) were given to various sectors.