State Blood Cell was launched in Mizoram since October, 2016 and currently, the Programme is implemented in eight (8) districts


• Adequate, safe supply of blood and blood components. Strengthening Blood Banks and Blood Storage Centres in terms of technical knowledge, manpower, equipments and consumables.

• At present, there are 10 licensed Blood Banks in Mizoram, 8 are Govt. owned & 2 are private owned. There are 12 (Twelve) Blood Storage Centres (BSCs) and 2 (Two) Blood Storage Centres i.e, State Referral Hospital, Falkawn and Mizoram State Cancer Institute (MSCI), Zemabawk, are proposed for upgradation to Blood Bank



 State Blood Cell established at Directorate of Hospital & Medical Education

 16 staff recruited so far

 Haemovigilance software and e-RaktKosh software installed in all Blood Banks



Blood Bank: Blood Bank Refrigerator (600 Litre), Refrigerator for kits and reagents storage, ELISA Reader with Washer, Blood Collection Monitor with Agitator, Dielectric tube sealer, Electric Needle Destroyer, Binocular Microscope, Mechanical shaker for serological test, Cell Counter, Chemical Balance, Table Centrifuge with Digital Display, Weight Equipment for General Check-up, Water Bath (Serological) was completed for 8 Blood Banks.

Blood Component Separation Unit:Deep Freezer (-80o C), Deep Freezer (-40o C), Refrigerated Water Bath (Cryo-Bath), PH Meter, Plasma Thawing Bath, Refrigerated Centrifuge (Cryofuge), Platelet Incubator cum Agigator, Sterile Connecting Device, Plasma Expressor (Manual), Digital Double Weighing Scale for Blood Bag Centrifuge Bucket Equalizer was completed for 8 Blood Banks.

 Solar Blood Bank Refrigerator, Refrigerators, Binocular Microscope was completed for 12 Blood Storage Centres.



Blood Collection & Transportation Van: For Civil Hospital Blood Bank.


 Double Blood Bag, Triple Blood Bag, HIV Elisa Kit, Hepatitis B Elisa Kit, Hepatitis B Rapid, Hepatitis C Elisa Kit, Hepatitis C Rapid, VDRL (RPR) Test Kits & Malaria Test (Antigen) was completed for 10 Blood Banks.


 Drugs and Supplies for Blood Services and Blood related disorder being procured.


  Training cum Review Meeting of Blood Bank Officers, Medical Officer i/c of Blood Storage Centres and Lab Technician on Strengthening of Blood Services on 2nd December, 2016


Training of Trainers for Strengthening of Blood Services & e-RaktKosh from 24th to 29th July 2017 at National Institute of Biologicals, Delhi - 9 doctors, 1 State Coordinator and 20 Lab technicians were sent for Hands-on training


Workshop on Strengthening of Blood Services & Haemovigilance was organised on 29th& 30th August 2017 at Assembly Annexe, Aizawl.