Mizoram has the highest tobacco prevalence in India at 67.2% according to Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) 2009-10 with 72.5% males and 61.6% females consuming tobacco in some form or the other. It also has the lowest “planning to quit tobacco rate” in the country. Second hand smoke exposure is at a very high 97.7% at homes. This survey has highlighted the dismal situation existing in Mizoram regarding tobacco use quite succinctly. Mizoram also has the highest incidence of a number of Cancers like lung, esophagus, stomach, all sites etc. in the country according to the Population Based Cancer Registry Report, 2009-11. The state, therefore, has to take up various measures to lower the use of tobacco in Mizoram before the second phase of GATS, which will be undertaken in 2015. There is an urgent need to take up more concerted tobacco control actions in a sustained manner in order to prevent many more diseases, disability and deaths in the state.

Achievements both financial and physical:

  1. Financial Achievement 2019-20:

Total Approved Budget (RoP)    : Rs. 138.43 Lakhs

Fund Received from GoI            : Rs.84 lakhs

Total Expenditure                        : Rs. 121.55 Lakhs

The above expenditures are met from loan taken from State Health Society/ National Health Mission




Name of Activity

No of Activity

Details/No of participants


Training and Sensitization Workshop




Anti Tobacco Awareness Campaigns and programmes at Churches/Community




Anti Tobacco Awareness programmes at Educational Institutions




Others (Important Meetings, Talk show etc.)







Total No. of Clients at Tobacco Cessation Clinics (TCC)



Quit Rate

20.89  %


Total No. Of Anti Tobacco Squad drives conducted



Total No. of Offenders for violation of COTPA



During the reporting period 49 Educational Institutions has been declared as Tobacco Free Educational Institution as per the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.


Achievement of Tobacco Control Programme, Mizoram

from April 2017 till March 2018

National Tobacco Control Programme, Mizoram have taken up numerous initiatives to ensure that all the programme objectives are completed while also capitalizing on all opportunities that may arise. Summary of number of activities undertaken by MSTSC from April 2017 to March 2018 is listed below:



No of Activity

No of participants


Training and Sensitization Workshop




Anti Tobacco Awareness Campaigns and programmes




Anti Tobacco Programmes at Educational Institutions




Others (Important Meetings, Talk show etc.)






Major AchievementsSome major achievements are listed below:

Global Adult Tobacco Survey 2 (2016-17)GATS 2 has shown dramatic decline in tobacco use prevalence from 67.2% (GATS-1) to 58.7% (GATS-2). Other significant improvements include Second hand Smoke exposure at home decreasing from 96.5% to 84.1% and at the work place from 64.6% to 44.4% etc.

Notification to constitute ‘Tobacco Control Team’ in all public offices: The General Administration Department, Government of Mizoram issued a Notification on 21st April, 2017 regarding prohibition of smoking in public places in Government Offices. This Notification instructed all departments to strictly fine offenders and display ‘No smoking Signage’ and ‘Complaint Board’ and to constitute ‘Tobacco Control Team’ in all their respective offices.

World No Tobacco Day 2017: On the occasion of WNTD 2017 National Tobacco Control Programme observed the day inall districts of Mizoram elaborating on the theme ‘Tobacco- A threat to development’ and various other Tobacco related issue.

Project HIMNA MADAT: Project HIMNA- MADAT (Mizoram against Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco) which has been designed for intervention amongst Upper Primary School in Aizawl District was launched by Mr. _ , Chief Minister of Mizoram on 21st June 2017. The Pilot project will be implemented ad monitored by the Deputy Commissioner Aizawl district with other key departments and organization playing active role in its implementation.

Release of Stickers for public transport vehicles: The Director General of Police (DGP), Mizoram released No Smoking stickers on 18th July, 2017 which were previously approved by the State Transport Authority to be displayed by all public transport vehicles.

Frequent inspection on contraband cigarettes: Joint Controller of Legal Metrology issued an Order on 27th July, 2017 which instructs all Legal Metrology Inspectors to conduct frequent and vigorous inspection and enforcement on contraband cigarettes in all the districts of Mizoram.

Inclusion of COTPA in monthly crime review: The Police Headquarters, Govt. of Mizoram issued a letter on the 7th August, 2017 which instructs the DIG, Northern and Southern Range to incorporate violations of COTPA as one of the agenda items in monthly crime review at the level of District/Range/State.

Notification to comply with The Prohibitions of Smoking in Public Places Rules,2008: Transport Department, Government of Mizoram issued Notification on 18th August, 2017 which instructs all public transport vehicles to comply with The Prohibitions of Smoking in Public Places Rules, 2008 to strictly prohibit smoking and display No Smoking sticker etc. As per this Notification, offenders are made punishable with fine which may extend to Rs. 500/- as per Section 179 (1) of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

Observation of 4th Mizoram State Anti Tobacco day: The 4th Mizoram State Anti Tobacco Day was observed based on the theme ‘Tobacco Free Sports’ on 11th September 2017 throughout the State. The main programme held in Aizawl was jointly organized by Indian Society on Tobacco and Health Mizoram and Mizoram State Tobacco Control Society with Mr._ ,Chief Minister ofMizoram as the Chief Guest. Representatives of all affiliated sports association under Mizoram State Sports Council attended the programme. Outstanding performers for excellent compliance to various sections of COTPA,2003were felicitated.

No Tobacco Rally: In collaboration with Indian Society on Tobacco and Health Mizoram ,’No Tobacco rally’ was organized on 19th September 2017. The event was sponsored through Corporate Social Responsibility for Microfinance and Livelihood and attended by representatives and office bearers from various sports association in Mizoram. Mr. _ Minister Health and Family Welfare Department was the Chief Guest and flagged off the rally from Millenium Center to Vanapa Hall.

Tobacco Cessation Clinics: With the inauguration of Tobacco Cessation Clinic at State Referral Hospital, Falkawn on 26th September 2017, there are now 10 TCCs functioning:9 TCCs in all H&FW district hospitals and also at Cancer Hospital with a total of 2771 clients who visited TCC from April 2017 till March 2018. The current Quit rate is 24.82%.

COTPA enforcement week: “COTPA Enforcement Week Kick - Off programme cum release of Christmas Card for Drivers” was jointly conducted by Mizoram State Tobacco Control Society and Aizawl City Traffic Police on the 18th December, 2017 at SP Conference Hall, Aizawl. In pursuance to this, distribution of Christmas-card and enforcement of COTPA was effectively conducted among public transport vehicles throughout the week.

Ruantlang Village as Tobacco Free Village: Ruantlang village in Champhai district was declared as a ‘Tobacco Free Village’ on December 2017 by the Additional Deputy Commissioner Champhai. This declaration was made after regular and careful Anti-Tobacco Squad Drives checking compliance to all sections of COTPA by Champhai District Anti Tobacco Squad.

Joint Enforcement on Hookah: Joint Enforcement drive against Hookah which are offered/sold at public place e.g. restaurant etc. was strictly conducted by Aizawl Disrict Anti Tobacco Squad and Food Safety Authority.

Dismissal of Petition regarding Tuibur: The Gauhati High Court, Mizoram Bench dismissed the petition (PIL) of Mr. Dengvunga and 5 Others with regard to prohibition of manufacturing Tuibur at Lungli River, Salem Veng which is a residential area. It may be noted that these petitioners challenge the order previously passed by the Deputy Commissioner, Aizawl District which orders them to desist the manufacturing of Tuibur in this area.

Anti-Tobacco Squad Drives: Squad drive on the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act, 2003 was conducted a total of 471 times in various districts with 494 offenders. Joint Enforcement with other departments such as Legal Metrology Food and Drug Administration, Traffic Police, CID (Crime) Mizo Hmeichhe Insuihkhawm pawl etc was also conducted a total of 30 times.