Dated Aizawl, the 22nd June, 2016.

No.A.17014/11/09-HFW/Pt.I : In supercession of this Department Notification of even No. dated 21st May, 2014, and in the interest of public service, the Governor of Mizoram is pleased to constitute Board of Management and Committees for Establishment Mizoram Institute of Medical Education and Research (MIMER) Falkawn, Aizawl with immediate effect and until further orders:-


1) Pu _, Chief Minister, Mizoram-Chairman2) Pu _, Minister of State, Health & F.W.-Member

3) Pu _, Finance Minister, Mizoram &-Member

Planning Minister, Mizoram

4) Dr. _, Minister of State, Sericulture -Member

5) Pu K.S. Thanga, M.L.A., Parliamenary Secretary-Member

6) Vice-Chancellor, Mizoram University-Member

7) Chief Secretary, Government of Mizoram-Member

8) Commr./Principal Secy./Secretary, H&F.W.-Member-Secretary

9) Principal Director, Health & Family Welfare -Member

10) Medical Superintendent, SRH, Falkawn.-Member

11) Dy. Med. Superintendent, SRH, Falkawn-cum-SNO.-Member

Terms of Reference:

1.Approval of Master Plan, 2.Overall supervision of the project,

3.Monitoring the progress and quality of implementation,

4.Holding of review meeting every quarter.


1) Pu _, Minister of State Health & F.W. etc.-Chairman

2) Commr./Principal Secy./Secretary, Health & F.W.-Member

3) Secretary, Finance Department.-Member

4) Secretary, Plg. & Programme Implementation Deptt.-Member

5) Dr. Beichhua, M.L.A. -Member

6) Principal Director, Health & F.W.-Member-Secretary

7) Director of Health Services-Member

8) Director, Hospital & Medical Education-Member

9) Joint Secretary, Health & F.W.-Member

10) Medical Superintendent, SRH, Falkawn.-Member

11) Dy. Med. Superintendent, SRH, Falkawn-cum-SNO.-Member

12) Dr. Lalthanpuii Hnamte, Tuikhuahtlang, Aizawl-Member

Terms of Reference:

1.Preparation of Master Plan, 2.Design of infrastructural facilities ofthe college,

3. Securing all relevant approval, 4.Preparation of roadmap for all Sub-Committee,

5.Set up management information and reporting.


1) Commr./Principal Secy./Secretary, Health & F.W.-Convener

2) Principal Secretary, P.W.D. Govt. of Mizoram -Member

2) Secretary, Power & Electricity Department-Member

3) Secretary, Public Health Engineering Department-Member

4) Joint Secretary/Deputy Secretary, HFW.-Member

5) Engineer-in-Chief, PWD, Mizoram-Member

6) Engineer-in-Chief P & E Department, Mizoram-Member

7) Engineer-in-Chief, P.H.E. Department, Mizoram-Member

8) Principal Director, Health & F.W.-Member

9) Director of Health Services, Mizoram-Member

10) Director, Hospital & Medical Education, Mizoram-Member-Secretary

11) Joint Director (P), Dte. of Hospital & Medical Edn.-Invitee

12) Sr. Executive Engineer, DHME/DHS-Invitee

13) Medical Superintendent, State Referral Hospl. Falkawn-Invitee

14) Dy. Medical Supdt. State Referral Hospital, Falkawn-Invitee

Terms of Reference:

Engineering plan formulation, architectural design, planning of infrastructural facilities, inspection of implementation of infrastructural facilities such as, water, power, internal road, communication. Taking inventory of all existing facilities for improvement/repair/restoration. Development of landscaping & aesthetic ornamental planning of the entire campus. The Sub-Committee is to constitute Facilities Cell within their set-up for assisting them in group level implementation.


1) Principal Director, Health & F.W. Department-Convener

2) Joint Secretary, Health & F.W. Govt. of Mizoram-Member

3) Director, MIMER, Falkawn -Member-Secretary

4) Director, Hospital & Medical Education, Mizoram-Member

5) Director of Health Services, Mizoram-Member

6) Joint Director i/c Procurement, DHME-Member

7) Med. Supdt. State Referral Hospital, Falkawn -Member

8) Dy. Med. Supdt. State Referral Hospital, Falkawn -Member

Terms of Reference:

Procurement of all medical office equipments or other gadgets by observing stringent discipline of prevailing procurements procedure and ensuring procurement of appropriate equipments conforming quality standard under proper tendering processes.

Commr. & Secretary to the Govt. of Mizoram,
Health & Family Welfare Department.