PC & PNDT (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994




The Pre-conception & Pre-natal diagnostic Technique (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act 1994, is an act to provide for :-


i)  Prohibition of Sex Selection, before and after conception and     

ii) Regulation of Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques for the purposes of  detecting genetic malformations or sex linked disorders and for the

iii) Prevention of their misuse for sex determination leading to female foeticide. 



i)To identify areas with skewed Child sex ratio and to improve child sex ratio by 2025.

ii)To resolve shortage of Sonologists through Implementation of Six Months Training Rules.

iii)To identify all unregistered ultrasound machine through regular inspection




1)Number of State Supervisory Board meeting held                         : 2 (two)

2)Number of Advisory Committee meeting held                               : 3 (three)

3)Number of Appropriate Authority meeting held                              : 4 (four)

4) Number of fresh Registration granted during 2017                        : 6 (six)

5) Number of Renewal of Registration granted during 2017             : 7(seven)

6) Number of District inspected by SIMC during the year 2017        : 6 (six)

7) Status of implementation of Six Months Training during the year 2017:


a)    Number of CBA exam conducted                                          : 1 (9th March 2017)

b)    Number of candidate clearing CBA                                       : 4

c)    Number of candidate completing six months training            : 2

d)    Number of candidate on going six months training                : 1



1.    Identification of unregistered and invalid  ultrasound centres and increase in the number of centre doing registration.

Total no. of registration granted during 2017              - 13(thirteen)

Cumulative since inception of the Act                        - 50 (fifty)


2.    Increase in the number of District inspected:

2016    - 1 District

2017    - 6 District


3.    Desirable child sex ratio as compared to National sex ratio:

Mizoram child sex ratio           : 970

National child sex ratio            : 919



Remote districts  and poorer section of the society are more vulnerable and unaware about the problems of sex selection and the Act & Rules pertaining to such violation.Therefore more awareness can be carried out if atleast one dedicated staff is stationed in such remote districts.           



1)    Strengthening of Staff Faculty:

 Due to shortage of manpower, PC&PNDT Act ,1994 cannot be implemented effectively in several districts such as Lunglei,Saiha and Lawngtlai district and this  therefore halts the progress of strict enforcement of PC&PNDT Act& rules in such areas.Therefore attachment of more staff faculty will ensure better surveillance and monitoring of certain remote areas having skewed child sex ratio.

2)    Inspection:

Inspection of all ultrasound centres is the most effective measures for implementation of PC&PNDT Act. Inspection will ensure better identification of unregistered ultrasound machine and of the violators . Therefore inspection has to be conducted on regular basis most preferably every quarter.


3)    Continuation of Six Months Training Rules:

Shortage of Sonologists/Radiologists have been an issue for execution of quality medical service in several areas in the state.To resolve this problem, the ongoing Six Months Training conducted at Civil Hospital Aizawl should be continue to utilized certified doctors under such training as alternative to Radiologists in such service constrained areas.

4)    Devise awareness and Disposition of PC&PNDT Act website

The problem of sex selection and declining sex ratio can be an inevitable threat in the near future in the state.To counteract this, a more frequent and meticulous awareness campaign should be carried out through advertisement in certain visual and print media.

Also a reliable and more accessible method should be arranged by setting up of  PC&PNDTAct website highlighting all necessary informations and instructions about the Act.Through this website, online registration can also be initiated for Registration of Ultrasound centers making it more convenient for the applicant.