Awareness on TeleMANAS

Name of state: Mizoram

District: DMHP, Aizawl

Date of event: 22.03.2024

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Seminar Room, Civil Hospital, Aizawl




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The National Implementation Committee launches the "Swasth Tan Swasth Man" campaign for Mental Health Department every month. This month (March 2024), in following up of the campaign, DMHPMizoram held a programme at Aizawl Civil Hospital with the aim of scaling up Tele MANAS Programme, encouraging people to utilize the Tele-MANAS 24x7 Mental Health Helpline, which the Government of India has implemented. A talk show on Tele MANAS was held at the Seminar Room, Civil Hospital, Aizawl on 22ndMarch, 2024 in order to give awareness regarding  service and functions of Tele MANAS.

 The program was moderated by Dr. Robert L. Khawlhring, SNO Mental Health, Mizoram. A short speech was delivered by Dr S R Ngurchhamliana( Addl. Director Planning, DHME)on the importance of mental health in the society and in our families. Telemanas Counsellor Ms C Lalhruaitluangi gave a short presentation on TeleManas, focussing on Mizoram current scenario on youth mental health in different spheres of life and the establishment of the District Mental Health Program (DMHP) and its services in every district and other actions taken by the Mizoram government in providing mental health services in respect to youth. As the main focus of the campaign was on Tele MANAS, the services and functions of the helpline was addressed in details. It was also highlighted that Tele MANAS cell has been actively functioning since the launch of the programme from 30th December 2022 till date. Incoming and pro-active calls have been active with trained staffs in the cell. The importance of circulating Tele MANAS toll free number 14416 and that calls can be made anytime in all the days of the week was stretched during the talk.

TeleMANAS posters were also released by Dr. ST Lalruatfela. These posters which were later given to the medical officers to be displayed in their respective OPDs.

The discussion concluded with a statement emphasizing the need for efficiently utilizing TeleMANAS and inorder to do so, the circulation of toll free number 14416 is critical, which is everyone’sresponsibility. The campaign was streamed for further publicity.