In pursuance of GOI guideline, WPD 2017 was launched on 11 July, 2017 at Vanapa

Hall Gate, Aizawl. The programme was launched by Shri _, Hon'ble Minister,

H&FW Dept. at 6:30 a.m. under the chairmanship of Dr. Lalrozama, IAS, Mission Director,

Mizoram. Launching of the programme was followed by a rally. Youth Group from different

localities enthusiastically participated in the rally and WPD-2017 T-shirts and flags were

distributed. Throughout the rally different points of the FP media campaign was delivered.

ASHAs and ANMs mobilized eligible couples from their respective areas to participate in the

mela and to utilize FP methods. District-wise launching of the programme was also observed on

the same day. A total of 137 Female Sterilisation, 254 IUCD insertion and 2 PPIUCD insertion

were achieved throughout the Stabilisation Fortnight.

Circulars were issued to all districts regarding target for IUCD and sterilization i.e.,

Tubectomy 1 and Vasectomy 1 per day at district level and IUCD 1 per day at district and PHC

level which is according to T.F.R. 1.7 (as per Annual FP Report 2015-16) and Microplan was

translated in Mizo language and issued.

IEC activities for sensitization of the community on different FP methods and FP

campaign was carried out by conducting talk shows, inter-personal communications by ANMs

with the targeted community in their respective areas, displaying Banners at the most populated

places in Aizawl, displaying FP Posters ( in Mizo) and New FP Logo and FP audiovisual was

broadcasted at all local channels including DDK throughout the fortnight including audio

broadcast at AIR .The launching programme was broadcasted in AIR and Local TV Channels.

The availability of essential drugs for organizing WPD-2017 was ensured through the

already procured essential drugs under NHM.

District level activities in launching of the Parivar Vikas Mela which is translated as

"Chhungkaw Hmasawnna Mela" are as follows:-

1. Aizawl East District: Launching covered under State Level launching on 11 July, 2017.

Eventhough District Level Launching was integrated with the State, "Chhungkaw

Hmasawnna Mela" was observed at ITI UPHC on 11July, 2017 under the chairmanship

of Dr. C. Lalzepuii, C.M.O. , Aizawl East District and Col. Z. S. Zuala, Hon'ble

Parliamentary Secretary, Home R.D. etc. grace the said function. A 'Short Play' titled

'Cbhungkaw Hmasawnna' was performed b Art & Culture Deptt. Counselling room was

made and mothers of the locality ere counselled and were given awareness on the

importance of famil planning. In Mobilization Fortnight, ASHA/HW conducted eligible

couple survey in their own areas which was submitted to their area PHCs. 25402 Eligible

Couples were registered. During this fortnight, PHCs/CHCs/MCs & S/Cs organized

special campaign on family planning method. Different family planning methods were

shown and instructions about their use were given to the villagers. Counselling, IEC and

various family planning measures were put up in awareness materials like leaflets, etc.

Large amount of World Population Banners were printed and were distributed to all

centres of the District and various important public places. 22 nos female sterilisation and

63 nos IUCD insertion was achieved throughout the fortnight.

2. Aizawl West District: Launching covered under State level launching on 11th July, 2017

at Vanapa Hall Gate and participated in the rally. 7 nos female sterilisation and 36 nos

IUCD insertion was achieved throughout the fortnight.

3. Champhai District: Launching of WPD-2017 under Champhai District on 11th July,

2017 was held at C.M.O. Office Hall under the chairmanship of Dr. Vanlalnghaki,

C.M.O. The programme started at 1 :00 pm with the introduction of The World

Population Day- its origin and importance. The Chief Guest Zosangzuali Pachuau,

M.C.S., Project Director, DRDA launched the programme which was followed by a short

speech. A PowerPoint presentation on the topic 'World Population Day' was given by

Dr. Benjamin Lalruatdika, RCH Officer and local celebrities were invited to perform a

number. The programme was closed by a vote of thanks from C. Ramdinmawii, Assistant

Director (Food & Drugs). 3774 eligible couples were registered and 1 no Female

sterilisation and 41 nos IUCD insertion were achieved throughout the fortnight.

4. Kolasib District : World population day was observed in Kolasib district on 11.7.2017 at

OPD complex , District Hospital, Kolasib under the chairmanship of Dr. Lalhminghlua,

DRCHO, Kolasib and Dr. Lalhlimpuia, CMO, Kolasib District grace the inaugural

function as Chief Guest. 7 nos Female sterilisation and 12 nos IUCD insertion were

achieved throughout the fortnight.

5. Lawngtlai District: World Population Day was launched under Lawngtlai district on 11

July, 2017 and Parivar Vikas Mela observed in all PHCs and District Hospital. Activities

under "Mobilisation Fortnight" include conduction of Eligible Couple Survey and 17149

E.C. were registered. Also special VHND was organised during the fortnight. Awareness

generation through local channels like Skynet Cable and K.T. Vision network was

performed and banners and posters were displayed at prominent places. Counselling of

clients on basket of choice was done at facilities. 82 nos female sterilisation and 14 nos

IUCD insertion v ere a hie ed throughout the fortnight.

6. Lunzl i Di trict: World Population Da v as launched on 11th July, 2017 at RNTCP

Co eren e Hall. Toe fun tion was chaired b Dr. VLMS Dawngliana, C.M.O. and Dr .

. Ialsa m uang Fan hun, BDO Lungl i was the Chief Guest . The function was closed

with a vote of thanks b Dr. Lalawmpuia Chhangte SMO. arious family planning

methods were displayed in the OPD complex. Health Workers were detailed to

demonstrate and explain Family Planning materials and methods and Family Planning

leaflefs and Booklets were distributed. Counselling on Family Planning was als

conducted in the site of Family planning Unit. Eligible Couple Survey was conducted and

17479 E.C. were registered. 12 nos female sterilisation and 35 n.s IUCD insertion and 2

PPIUCD insertions were achieved throughout the fortnight.


7. Mamit District: The launching programme of World Population Day was held on 11th

July, 2017 which was conducted under the chairmanship of Dr. Hrangkapzawna, Medical

Officer, District Hospital. Dr. Zothankhuma Chhakchhuak, CMO gave an inspiring

speech and highlighted about the importance family planning. During Mobilization

Fortnight ASHA/ANM had a survey on eligible couple, and awareness was done through

newspaper. Family planning logo was put up at Sub-centres and PHCs. Counselling was

given by RMNCH+A counsellor and Medical Officers. 2 nos female sterilisation and 6

nos IUCD insertion were achieved throughout the fortnight.

8. Saiha District: World Population Day was launched on 11th July, 2017 under the

chairmanship of Dr. Lalnunziri, SMO, Siaha and Shri. HC. Biakcheuva, Member of

District council, Saiha was the Chief Guest. Eligible Couple Survey was conducted and

8875 E.C. were registered. The programme was attended by local members and church

members. Short play on Family Planning was displayed and depicted the essentials of

Family Planning. 2 nos female sterilisation and 38 nos IUCD insertion were achieved

throughout the fortnight.

9. Serchhip District: World Population Day was launched on 11th July, 2017(11 :00 AM) at

CMO Conference hall, Serchhip under the chairmanship of Dr. Laldawngliana Sailo,

CMO. The Chief Guest Pu Kawlthuama, V. President, YMA Sub-Hqtr Serchhip graced

the inaugural function and delivered a short speech. The Observation was ended by Dr.

Lalhlunpuii, DIO Serchhip with vote of thanks. During Mobilisation Fortnight, all

ASHAs in the district updated eligible couple survey register. Various Family Planning

Methods were displayed in the OPDs and RMNCH+A Counsellor gave awareness about

Family planning methods and FP logos were displayed and key messeges on Family

Planning were issued in local newspaper. During the Fortnight, Serchhip District has 9

IUCD insertion, and 2 Tubectomy and no vasectomy.

Herewith, the cumulative performance report of WPD 2017 is enclosed.


Mission Director: NHM



Number of PHC

Service Delivery During the "Population Stabilisation Fortnight"


Female Sterilisation

Male Sterilisation

Interval IUCD Insertions

PPIUCD Insertions






Aizawl East





Aizawl West















































1- Please adjust number of rows according to number of districts in your state

2 - Cumulative represents services delivered since beginning of population stabilisation fortnight